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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

postheadericon The Furry Boys

Chuck and Bruce are getting along quite well. Almost like adding Bruce to our family has given Chuck a new lease on life.

We do however have to monitor Bruce closely because he is like an energizer bunny... keeps going and going and going... The old guy (Chuck) just can't keep up so we have to slow down the pace...

Chuck is suffering with arthritis however we are still able to manage his pain.  He is always such a happy boy ..


Little Wren said...

Chuck seems like such a dedicated companion! I'm glad he's sticking around the teach the young pup how it's done. :)

Carrie~Anne said...

Both of your dogs have this amazing look in their eyes. Chuck is the epitome of labs. That sweet look, the companion that will never leave.

And Bruce, oh my...his name fits him SO well!! He has such a majestic reign to him!